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This game is for #lowrezjam 2018. So, last year I created QLOW (https://br0ken-m1nd.itch.io/qlow-jam) for the lowrezjam on the last 3 hours due to not having time to before. Anyway, this year I had the last 6 days to create a project, but I only made use of the last 6 hours, for no reason at all. This game is very simple the as QLOW was.

Also, this game was created using "Singulair 64" which is a Fantasy Console that I'm creating, this way I was able to test the engine and all.

Hope you like it XD 


You need to jump to the squares that are static so the grid can go down. The concept is very simple.


(You need java x86 installed, make sure you have x86 version installed).

Install instructions

(You need java x86 installed, make sure you have x86 version installed).


head_square_jam_v2.rar 1 MB


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Quite a challenging twist on the gameplay.
Was pretty fun!


It is indeed. Thanks for playing it, much appreciated!


So I played your game, I don't exactly what I did, but I think I managed to collect something and that transfered me to other area. I guess I'll have to continue to play it to find out. Well done, by the way, it's a nice entry.

Uh. Was it the feather? Because I didn't double-check to make sure the feather glitch wasn't removed.  In any case, thanks for trying it out! 

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I don't know what it was ahahah, but if what took me to the next level was a glitch, even better, this way I feel special ahahah jk.